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ISTQB Online Training in USA

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ISTQB Online Training in USA

This ISTQB  Online Training is available to software testers who desire to enhance or improve their testing abilities and reinforce their understanding of testing techniques. The ISTQB online training by Brittsoft will teach testing principles via hands-on, real-time scenario methodologies.

In practically all firms, ISTQB certification is a prerequisite for software testers. Hence this is a necessity for job applications.

The ISTQB  online certification training from Brittsoft is widely esteemed and of the utmost significance since it is a professional certification that verifies all the fundamental competencies. Our ISTQB Online Training course aspires to provide high-quality training emphasizing the practical application of the concepts covered. This exposure to current industrial use cases and situations will enable students to hone their abilities and implement best practices in real-world applications.

Brittsoft prepares you for the certification by providing a curriculum per industry standards. Find more details about the course below. 


ISTQB Online Training in USA Overview

International software testing board, ISTQB, is special training designed for professionals or individuals interested in starting their careers as testers. It is a widely recognized exam for software testing. The training is designed as per the latest industry standards in software testing. Testers who want to improve their test skills and knowledge in the field must choose the ISTQB  online training program. The course will give you the fundamentals and advanced testing through the latest practical techniques.

The course is developed using real-time project course scenarios to clarify software testing concepts, including design techniques, principles, test management, testing tools, and more. It helps to understand the testing procedures like implementing testing tools, interpreting test results, preparing reports, reviewing test basics and results, solving complexity, and more. It helps understand basic and advanced testing processes.

Eligibility Criteria for ISTQB Online Course

Every day, more and more industries are making ISTQB certification compulsory for employees and job requirements. There are no such eligibility criteria to join ISTQB online training courses or give an exam. The ISTQB exam is for software testers who want to pursue the software testing profession. ISTQB online training program will help you clear the ISTQB certificate exam.

Prerequisites ISTQB Online Training Program

There are no prerequisites for taking ISTQB online training course from Brittsoft. IT professionals with minimum experience and knowledge and individuals with no knowledge of the testing field can also enroll in the ISTQB online training programs to gain a new skill set and start their careers in the testing field. However, knowledge of foundation-level ISTQB courses is a prerequisite for advance level ISTQB courses.

Who can take Brittsoft’s ISTQB online training course in USA?

ISTQB exam is getting mandatory by many organizations in the US. Job roles that can benefit by enrolling in ISTQB online training program offered y Brittsoft are-

  • Software Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Technical Analysts
  • Quality Analysts
  • Testing Professionals
  • Data Architects
  • RPA Developers
  • IT Support
  • IT Managers
  • Security Analysts
  • Security Managers
  • Aspiring Testing Professionals
  • Technical Architects
  • Software Testing Engineer
  • Application Support
  • Individuals who want to learn concepts of testing types and industry testing standards
  • Individuals looking to take ISTQB exams, depending on their experience and job role

Benefits of ISTQB Online Training Program

  • ISTQB course will help you to stay updated with software development process testing concepts, processes, and the latest techniques.
  • Improve products and services with the help of enhanced evaluation of products and software.
  • The course will help exponentially decrease bugs in a real-time environment with an improved ISTQB online training course.
  • ISTQB course and training certificate will help to get a better salary package across the US. For freshers and existing IT professionals, the certification in ISTQB will help them in their career growth.
  • The course provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of software testing techniques. The certificate training will open doors to many job opportunities in various roles.
  • The high demand for ISTQB certificates increases the chances of getting a job globally.

Career Growth After ISTQB Certification-

ISTQB certificate is getting mandatory for software testers. Many companies made it a criterion to hire a new candidate and give promotions. The course helps to boost testing skills and stay updated with the latest techniques. Here are a few job roles you can get after completing the ISTQB certificate from Brittsoft-

  • Automation test engineer
  • Quality manager
  • QA testing analyst
  • Software test engineer
  • Functional test engineer

Why choose Brittsoft for doing ISTQB online training course?

We are among the leading IT coaching centers in the USA, with years of experience mentoring students in various IT fields. Our ISTQB training online programs help students to prepare for ISTQB exams and clear them. Our curriculum includes the basics of software testing to advanced testing techniques and practices and provides the best learning environment for students. We have the best trainers with years of industrial experience and knowledge to teach and guide students.

ISTQB Syllabus

Course Curriculum

ISTQB Foundation Level

  • Industry Overview
  • Manual Testing Life Cycle Implementation
  • Software Engineering Concepts
  • SDLC & Agile Methodology
  • Software Development Models
  • Static & Dynamic Testing
  • Fundamentals of Testing
  • Testing Life Cycle and Implementation
  • Test Requirements Gathering & Analysis
  • Test Strategy Preparation
  • Test Levels
  • Test Types
  • Maintenance Testing
  • Static Testing Basics
  • Test Techniques
  • Test Organization
  • Test Planning and Estimation
  • Risks and Testing
  • Risk Identification
  • System Test Plan Preparation
  • Test Case Identification
  • Black Box Test Design Techniques
  • White Box Test Design Techniques
  • Identify Scenario Based Test Cases
  • Identify field validation Test Cases
  • What is a Use Case?
  • Identify Use Case based Test Case
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Data Setup
  • Software Environments
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Reporting and Tracking
  • Test Measurement Techniques
  • Metrics Collection
  • Test Closure Activity
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Commonly Performed Test Techniques
  • Tools Support & Test Management

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

What will you learn in ISTQB online training program offered by Brittsoft?

Under this program, you will get fundamental knowledge of software testing, the nature of testing, and software testing purposes. The program will help you to become a better and more reliable tester. It helps to increase knowledge of testing issues and constraints, acquire a professional certification, and learn the latest test techniques. Even if you don’t seek the exam, the course certificate will help you to get a better-paying job.

Why you should do ISTQB online course from Brittsoft?

The reason to do ISTQB online course from Brittsoft is that we are one of the leading IT course centers in the USA, with certified trained experts on our team. These trainers teach and help you understand the industry’s point of view using corporate training techniques. It helps to gain the required skills to clear the ISTQB exams. Not only ISTQB course at Brittsoft will help you pass the ISTQB exam, but the certificate we provide will also validate your skills. Our training sessions include live online classes, practical skill training, communication skills, and live project scenarios to help candidates get in-depth knowledge of the IT world.

Can we get a free ISTQB online training demo session?

Yes, Brittsoft offers a free demo session for the ISTQB course to help to understand the subject better. You can attend our demo class before enrolling. You have to inform us, and we will email you all details.

Will there be any practical training and real-life project scenarios in the ISTQB course at Brittsoft?

Experts design our course to provide students with the best understanding of the ISTQB syllabus to help them clear the ISTQB exam. We conduct mock tests and practical training to help them understand the basic concepts. Our mock tests are prepared after studying for ISTQB exams to provide the best guidance to students.

How good are the Instructors at Brittsoft?

Faculty at Brittsoft are highly skilled in their respective fields, and they aim to provide the best guidance to students to help them clear the ISTQB exam.


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