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Artificial Intelligence Online Training in USA

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Artificial Intelligence Online Training in USA

Artificial intelligence enables machines to simulate and even surpass humans’ cognitive powers. From the invention of self-driving vehicles to the growth of smart assistants such as Siri and Alexa, AI is becoming more prevalent in daily life. As a result, several technology companies in various sectors are spending on artificial intelligence technologies. Some AI applications include speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, etc. 


Developers employ artificial intelligence to execute manual jobs more effectively, communicate with clients, recognize patterns, and solve issues. To get started with artificial intelligence, developers must have a foundation in mathematics and be familiar with algorithms. Apart from that, Artificial Intelligence Online Training in the USA can help you get familiar with the concepts of AI and equip you with the necessary skills to perform as an AI Professional. Have a look at Brittsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Online Training Course. 


Artificial Intelligence Online Course Overview

In several companies, AI is evolving how employees work and boosting productivity. Hence, Brittsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training will look into the history, present, and future of artificial intelligence and its possible applications in the workplace. Employing deep learning and natural language processing, they will also be capable of making the right predictions and decisions based on unstructured input such as text, photos, and videos.

Brittsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Online Training helps learners to master the most in-demand skills with practical training using real-time project scenarios. Brittsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Certification demonstrates the technical proficiency achieved throughout the training program and will act as a great resume booster. 

After the completion of our certification course, you will possess a thorough grasp of AI techniques and their real-world applications. Enroll with Brittsoft’s AI Online Certification training in the USA and start your journey as an AI engineer. 

Who Can Take Up The Artificial Intelligence Online Training 

The Artificial Intelligence course from Brittsoft is suitable for a variety of professions, including:

  • Individuals interested in pursuing a career as an AI or Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Data architects who are eager to learn about AI systems and algorithms.
  • Data analysts who are enthusiastic about machine learning and artificial intelligence careers.
  • Professionals interested in pursuing careers in artificial intelligence or machine learning.
  • Specialists who wish to get a deeper grasp of their respective professions using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Professionals in the software industry and fresh graduates looking for a career change.

Prerequisites Of The Artificial Intelligence Online Training Course

Learners in this AI course must be familiar with Python programming and basic statistics to comprehend the fundamental Machine Learning and AI principles.

The Benefits Of The Artificial Intelligence Online Training Course

Artificial intelligence has become a fundamental component of all sectors. Its algorithms and upcoming breakthroughs enable businesses to flourish by expanding their capabilities. The companies employ researchers and specialists who can use machine learning, computer vision, and data processing to existing data to determine the overall growth. AI has enormous potential but requires experts with the necessary skills to harness it. It is a lucrative career that requires ongoing learning. Hence, training is essential.

We often assume that AI is only viable in science-fiction movies, even though its applications are almost limitless. But if you take a moment to look around, you’ll see that most of us use AI technology in our daily lives without ever realizing it. The widespread acceptance of AI is because AI technology is more effective at processing massive quantities of data to fulfill a given job. The greater the number of firms that want to automate their work processes, the more they must depend on Artificial Intelligence. This discipline of Computer Science will be the expertise of the 21st century as it is replacing most people’s unproductive activities.

AI offers aspirants several opportunities to further their careers. The positions are highly skilled and need both a technical background and practical experience. Hence, a comprehensive training process and the development of theoretical and practical skills are necessary to enter the AI world. Brittsoft software training center will help you develop all the skills that will help you make a lucrative career in their demanding and ever-growing sector.

Career Opportunities After Artificial Intelligence Certification 

Following the completion of Artificial Intelligence Certification from Brittfost, you may apply for the following positions:

  • AI Expert
  • AI Data Analyst
  • ML Scientist
  • ML Engineer 
  • Data Annotation Expert
  • AI Application Engineer
  • AI Research Scientist
  • Data Scientist

Why Choose Artificial Intelligence Online Training From Brittsoft?

Brittsoft is the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence Online Training in the USA, and our expert instructors will help you comprehend every aspect of Artificial Intelligence much better. Moreover, we are the preferred choice of every learner since we are a legitimate course provider, with our curriculum being constantly updated as per the industry norms. 

By training with Brittsoft, be assured that you will cover all the concepts in a highly explanatory way with real-time project scenarios. We aim to offer our students a holistic learning experience and ensure after the conclusion of the course; they possess every skill to start a career in AI. After completing AI Certification training  online, a career in AI places you on the fast track to a competitive, ever-changing profession that is likely to develop significantly and far beyond. So fast-track your career with Brittsoft. 

Artificial Intelligence Syllabus

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Data Science, AI and MI

  • Overview of Data Science, AI, and ML
  • Use Cases in Business and Scope
  • Modeling Concepts
  • CRISP-DM Method

R Essentials

What is Deep Learning?

What is Machine Learning?


Big Data

Data Science Deep Dive


Operators and Keywords for Sequences

Numpy & Pandas

Deep Dive – Functions & Classes & Oops


Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI using Python


Implementing Association rule mining

Understanding Process flow

Decision Tree Classifier

Random Forest Classifier

Naive Bayes Classifier.

Problem Statement and Analysis

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Support Vector Machines

Time Series Analysis

Machine Learning

Feature Selection and Pre-processing

Which Algorithms perform best

Text Mining & NLP

PySpark and MLLib

Deep Learning & AI using Python Deep Learning & AI

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks

What are RNNs

Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders

Tensorflow with Python

Building Neural Networks using Tensorflowf

Deep Learning using Tensorflow

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

Why should you go for Artificial Intelligence Training Online?

Multiple industries and disciplines are seeing both vertical and horizontal growth in artificial intelligence, and within a few years, all the emerging technologies will be AI-based. Artificial intelligence is prevalent, and the demand for AI specialists, particularly those with talent and experience, is increasing. AI specialists are in more demand than ever. The best part is that the AI professional sector is teeming with many employment prospects, so you may undertake various duties and functions depending on the role, your expertise, and your interests.

Why choose Brittsoft in your journey to becoming an AI Expert?

Brittsoft’s primary objective is to acquaint you with all facets of AI so that you may begin a career as an AI engineer. Our  AI certification course will instill the essential industry-relevant skills needed for a professional AI Engineer to progress in their career. 

How good are Brittsoft's trainers in teaching the subject?

Our trainers have years of expertise, so be assured that you will be learning from the best. In addition to imparting basic and advanced skills, they will also give end-to-end mentoring and hands-on training.

Will there be a practical environment?

Yes. Our real-time project scenarios will help to learn concepts better.

Will there be a free demo session for Artificial Intelligence before the course starts?

Yes. Once you share your details for the demo, we will notify you of all the details. 


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