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Big data / Hadoop Online Training in USA

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Big data / Hadoop Online Training in USA

Big data training is to facilitate the handling of structured and unstructured datasets. The large datasets cannot be handled using traditional data processing methods. Big data Hadoop is a platform dedicated to working on these large data sets. It helps the company to enhance operations and speed-up decision-making, and bring relevant decisions. When big data is stored, formatted, maneuvered, examined, and captured, it helps to multiply the revenue of an organization.


Big data / Hadoop Online Training Overview

Brittsoft’s Big Data / Hadoop online training program is designed by industry experts using the industry’s latest practices and trends. The course curriculum covers in-depth knowledge of Hadoop topics such as MapReduce, HDFS, YARN, Pic, and Hive. The Big data  online training course will help you to master the Hadoop framework concepts, Big data methodologies, and tolls.

The Big data certification course online  will also prepare you to clear the exam and gain a new skill set to start your career as a Big data developer, analyst, and for various other jobs across the world. The big data course is led by highly trained instructors, and you will be working on real-time project scenarios to help you understand complex topics. The Big data Hadoop certification program will offer many career benefits, such as an increment in salary, vast career opportunities, and increased professional demand and value.

Eligibility Criteria for Big data / Hadoop Online Training

Anyone wanting to begin their career in Big data analytics online  can enroll in this course after graduation. The Big Data  online course is suited for data management, analytics, and IT professionals such as business intelligence, data scientists, software developers, architects, project managers, testing & mainframe professionals, and others.

Prerequisite for Big data / Hadoop Online Training

There are no specific prerequisites before enrolling for the Big data / Hadoop online course. IT professionals with fundamental knowledge of SQL and core Java can take this course. Our course curriculum is designed to help you gain new skill sets and learn basic to advanced and complex topics.

Objectives of Big data / Hadoop Online Training Program

The Big data Hadoop certification course is designed by experts using the latest trends and practices to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject. The course offers-

  • In-depth knowledge of fundamental and advanced concepts of Big Data and Hadoop, like Hadoop distributed file system, MapReduce, and YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator)
  • Provides knowledge on various tools in the Hadoop ecosystem, such as Hive, Pig, HBase, Flume, and Oozie
  • To provide exposure to real-time industry-based project scenarios and industry-like experiences during the Hadoop online training.
  • Working on various types of projects which are diverse and cover a wide array of data sets from domains like telecommunication, insurance, banking, e-commerce, and social media
  • To provide the best guidance and Hadoop expert trainers throughout the course to help you learn industry practices.

Career Opportunities or Job profile after Big data / Hadoop Online Training

The big data analytic industry is growing each day across the world. With it, there is a growth in opportunity in this field. Here are a few job profiles one can choose-

  • Data Engineer
  • Big data / Hadoop developer
  • Big data architect
  • Hadoop administrator
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Big data engineer
  • Software development engineer
  • Big data consultant  

Why should I do Big data Hadoop online course from Brittsoft?

Brittsoft is one of the leading IT training centers in the USA to offer the best guidance to students to excel in the field. All training sessions here are expert-led, with years of industrial experience in specific domains. Our highly-trained faculty use their industrial experience to provide exposure to students during training sessions and teach complex topics using it. They use their industry knowledge to provide adequate training to every student enrolled in the course and ready them for the certification exam.

Our course curriculum is designed by industry experts using the industry’s latest practices and trends. Training sessions include theoretical and practical classes, mock test sessions, and real-time project scenarios. Each of our sessions is designed to deliver the extra benefit of the course. Students get to work on real-time project scenarios that provide great exposure and experience in handling development processes, errors, etc. It also delivers ample training to practice industry standards and trends. Mock test sessions here is to allow students to self-evaluation and improve themselves. We believe practical classes are the best way to teach students complex topics. In addition, Big Data / Hadoop online training will prepare students to qualify for the certification exam, which has many benefits.

Big data/Hadoop Online Training Syllabus

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Big Data

  • What is Big data
  • Big Data opportunities,Challenges
  • Characteristics of Big data

Hadoop Introduction

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Map Reduce







Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

Do you provide any practical classes for this Big data online course?

Our specially designed training sessions include theoretical and practical training. We aim to provide ample practical experience and exposure to students. Our online training sessions include theoretical and practical classes, mock tests, and real-time project scenarios to deliver the best knowledge to students. It helps students to learn and gain an in-depth understanding of the subject and learn complex topics efficiently. We let students work on real-time project scenarios that allow them to practice the latest industry trends and methods and gain worthwhile industrial experience.

Are there any demo classes for Big Data / Hadoop Online Training?

Yes, we offer free demo classes for big data Hadoop online courses. These demo classes will help you to get an insight into the Big data Hadoop online course. Once you confirm your decision, we will email all the details regarding the demo class.

How are the faculty and trainers for the Big Data Hadoop online course at Brittsoft?

We have highly trained experts in the Big Data Hadoop field to teach you. Faculty at Brittsoft have years of industrial experience and have trained hundreds of students. Their industrial experience helps students to learn about the industry and understand the concepts with practicality. They aim to provide the best guidance and personal assistance during the course and allow students to understand complex topics easily.

Why should I do this  Big data / Hadoop Online Training course from Brittsoft?

Brittsoft is among the leading IT training center in the USA. We offer Big data Hadoop certification online that helps to validate your skills and grab great career opportunities. We have trained thousands of students and enabled them to master their subjects. Our certification program will help you understand complex topics and gain new set of skills. It also offers various benefits like salary increments, in-demand job profiles, career growth, etc., and provides practical training and allows you to evaluate your knowledge through mock tests. Practical sessions and real-time project scenarios during the course will help you understand the scenes of the development process. 

Why should I take this Big data Hadoop online training course?

It is among the most promising and accelerating fields known in the current IT industry. The course will help you to grab great career opportunities and will help to hone your skills. It will also provide knowledge of the Hadoop framework and work on real-time project scenarios. It will help you master complex topics of HDFS, YARN, MapReduce Framework, Sqoop & Flume, ETL, NoSQL database, HBase, and more.


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