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SAP ABAP ON HANA online training in USA

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SAP ABAP ON HANA online training in USA

Brittsoft is one of the best software training institutes for SAP ABAP ON HANA in the USA. We have well-experienced trainers working in the SAP industry who are aware of the latest practices and trends in the industry. Our courses are designed by experts following industry needs. Our training includes theoretical and practical training sessions to provide a better understanding of the subject. Trainers use their industrial experience to help students and provide them with the needed exposure during training.



The SAP ABAP on HANA online course will help you learn basic and advanced concepts and provide an understanding of the tools and features of SAP ABAP HANA online. It will help you learn ABAP programming language to develop ABAP apps and optimize existing code. It will also make you familiar with new features and programming databases. It will allow you to prepare for the certification exam and excel in this field.

Eligibility Criteria for SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training

The course is for application developers, development architects, and development consultants. Any IT professionals or fresh graduates who want to pursue a career in SAP HANA can take this course. The course will help them gain skillsets, experience, and knowledge to excel in this career field.

Prerequisites for SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training certification

Basic knowledge of programming language, SAP HANA, and SQL will help in the course. It will help to understand the course easily. There are no other prerequisites for the course. The course is designed to provide knowledge of basic and advanced concepts of the domain.

What is SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Course Objective

  • You will be able to design optimized applications, basic and advanced, with programming.
  • It helps to understand complex concepts like AMDP, CDA views, ADBC, performance improvement, performance tooling, SQL Scripts, calculation views, information modeling, CDS Security, CDS Analytics, CDS Table Functions, and many more.
  • Analyze and detect the performance of coding using SQLT, SCI, SQLM, and ATC.
  • Install Studio and development tools and development environment.
  • Develop apps using OData and WebIDE full tack based on CDS views
  • Allow using advanced DB features like Fuzzy search and IDA with ALV.
  • Allow adopting custom code with simplified databases like BSEG and MATDOC.

Job roles after SAP ABAP ON HANA online course certification training

There are various job roles to pursue after completing this certification course. Many industries are looking for certified individuals in this field. Here are a few job roles-

  • SAP ABAP Developer/Expert
  • S/4HANA Developer
  • ABAP Consultant
  • S/4HANA Consultant
  • SAP Analyst
  • SAP Application Engineer

Benefits of Online training in SAP ABAP ON HANA

SAP is one of the prominent performers in the BI and data analysis field. The SAP ABAP ON HANA training will provide you with an in-depth understanding of skills and help you become certified SAP HANA professional. SAP HANA online program is one of the most demanding domains in the industry. The certificate of the course will provide validation to employers of your skills. Knowledge of SAP HANA opens door to many opportunities as companies are seeking professionals to perform their job. Also, the certification program helps to get good earnings and career growth.

Why choose Brittsoft for SAP ABAP ON HANA online training?

Brittsoft is one of the leading IT training and certification center in the USA. We aim to provide the best to our students. Our training sessions are conducted by highly experienced trainers who aim to help students excel in this domain. Our trainers use their industrial experience to teach students and provide knowledge that would help them in the real world. They provide exposure, industry-like experiences to students, and real-time project scenarios, which enable students to understand the most complex topics easily.

Our course curriculum is designed by industry experts with the latest practices, trends, and concepts. Our SAP ABAP ON HANA online training program has practical sessions, real-time project scenarios, and mock tests. Real-time project scenarios under the guidance of experienced trainers helping students understand the IT world and create a program according to the latest trends. It also helps them to gain real-world experience while they are learning. The course provides a specific skillset in demand and delivers various career opportunities.


Course Curriculum


  • Understanding SAP HANA
  • Introduction to ABAP Development Tools


Database Independent Code-to-Data

SAP HANA specific Code-to-Data

Consuming SAP HANA Objects in ABAP

SAP HANA Proxy Objects

Advanced Topics

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free demo class for SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training?

Yes, we offer a  free demo class for the SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training course to provide you an insight into our course curriculum. Once you inform us if you are interested, we will email details regarding the demo class.

Is there any practical class for SAP ABAP ON HANA training program?

Our SAP ABAP ON HANA course curriculum is designed to provide ample practical experience to students. Our sessions have practical classes, real-time project scenarios, and mock tests, which help students to learn the concepts and gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. Also, our real-time projects allow students to work on projects according to the latest trends and practices of the industry. We conduct mock tests after every module that helps trainers and students to evaluate performance and work on it.

How is the faculty in Brittsoft for SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training?

We have highly trained and experienced trainers for the SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Course program. Our trainers have years of SAP HANA experience and have trained thousands of students in the same field. They use their industrial experience to teach students and provide industry-like experiences. Our qualified trainers aim to give the best personal guidance to every student and assist them throughout the course to understand each concept thoroughly.

Why learn SAP ABAP ON HANA online?

SAP ABAP ON HANA online training course certification will help you learn high-level programming language. It will provide insight into SAP HANA and how it affects the ABAP development paradigm and introduce development tools. It will teach you how to access a secondary database and detect performance using ABAP Test Cockpit, SQL Trace, ABAP Profiler, and more. This course will provide basic to advanced knowledge on complex topics of SAP HANA.

Why do this SAP Hana online course from Brittsoft?

Brittsoft is among the leading IT training center in the USA and offers a wide variety of IT-certified courses. We have trained thousands of students in various IT fields. Our certificate provides skill validation during a job interview and many benefits like career growth, salary increment, new skillset, and more. Our training programs include the latest trends and practices of the industry that helps you to stay updated. Our classes include practical training and real-time project scenarios to give in-depth knowledge about the subject. The courses include basic to advanced concepts that help students to master the domain.


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