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AWS Online Training in USA

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AWS Online Training in USA

Cloud computing is among the hottest trend in the IT industry. Whether it’s a big organization, banking sector, or some small firm, they are transferring their resources, like legacy systems, applications, infrastructure, etc., to the cloud. It results in increased demand for certified cloud professionals. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the leading cloud computing platform that offers an array of tools and exponential growth.

The demand for AWS-certified professionals is high, and companies are seeking certified cloud computing professionals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an IT professional; there is AWS certifications are for every level.


AWS Online Training Certification USA

Brittsoft’s AWS online training course is designed and led by experts where you will gain skills like AWS Elastic Cloud Compute, VPC, Load balancing, Simple Storage Service, Auto Scaling, etc. This AWS training course will enable you to plan, design, and scale AWS implementations. In this AWS online training program, you will learn theoretical and practical learning, while practicing industry standards and trends. It will help you to land a job in cloud development, engineering, sales, networking, and more industries. It will also help master concepts of AWS architecture like IAM, EBS, EC2, VPC, and other concepts of the subject. The AWS certification course will help you to master basic to advanced concepts and pass the AWS exam.

Eligibility Criteria for AWS Online Training Course

Anyone keen to learn about AWS online course, with or without prior technical knowledge can enroll in our course. The course is suited for solution architects, cloud developers, programmers, DevOps professionals, cloud software engineers, and any IT professionals interested in hosting fault-tolerant and highly scalable applications on AWS can take this course.

Prerequisite of AWS Online Training Course

There is no such prerequisite for AWS online course. Though, Fundamental knowledge of programming is beneficial during the AWS course. Our course curriculum is designed to provide an understanding of basic to advanced concepts of AWS. Anyone keen to learn can enroll in Brittsoft’s AWS online training program.

Career Opportunities After AWS Online Training Program

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading platform in the cloud computing industry that offers more than 200 complete services to its users. This cloud computing platform is highly flexible and secure and meets the rigorous security needs of banks, MNCs, and even the military. It makes AWS one of the high-demanding tools in almost every industry and offers a wide range of job and career opportunities to AWS-certified professionals. Here are a few job roles to choose from after completing the AWS certification course.

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Data Architect

Why pursue this Amazon Web Services online course from Brittsoft?

  • Brittsoft is one of the leading IT courses training institutes in the USA to provide the best knowledge and guidance to students.
  • The AWS online course offered at Brittsoft is designed by highly trained industry experts. AWS Online training course is curated using industry standards, trends, and practices. These courses help students get familiar and up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.
  • Our onlline  training sessions include theoretical and practical sessions with real-time project scenarios and mock tests. Together all these provide the best training and understanding of the AWS field and provide industry-like exposure.
  • We have highly-trained industry experts. They use their industry experts to teach students. They train them to clear the AWS certification exam on the first attempt and guide them to gain technical and soft skills while preparing them to face the challenges and problems of the real-world industry.
  • Our expert-curated AWS course covers basic to advanced concepts of AWS that will help to master the subject and acquire the required skills to begin a career in this field.

AWS online Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to AWS
  • AWS Overview
  • Description of the AWS
  • History and development of the early warning system
  • AWS products and services

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Identity Access Management

Glacier Storage

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Elastic Cloud Computing – EC2

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

CORS, replication and acceleration in S3

Linux Introduction

Route 53

Virtual Private Cloud

Security Options

Application Services

Amazon White Papers review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What will I learn in this AWS online training program?

This AWS course will help you master AWS Cloud and prepare you to clear the AWS certification program. It will help you design and deploy the AWS system, cost-evaluation, and cost-control mechanism. It will provide knowledge on data egress and ingress on AWS, the use of AWS architecture, finding solutions on the basis of security and database needs, and more. The course will also help you to master AWS cloud and other concepts in this field.

Do you provide free demo classes for AWS online Training program?

Yes. We provide demo classes for AWS online training program. We recommend taking a demo class to get an insight into the course curriculum and objective. Once you inform us about your decision, we will email the required details for a demo class.

Are there any practical classes in AWS online training program?

Our AWS course training is designed to provide theoretical and practical lessons equally. Our training sessions consist of visionary classes, practical sessions, working on real-time projects, and mock tests. We aim to deliver the best possible practical exposure to our students to help them understand complex topics and learn every concept. During a practical session, our curriculum offers them to work on real-time project scenarios, which presents them with great industry-like exposure. It helps them to understand the working methodology and practice current industry trends and standards. After every module, mock tests are conducted to let students evaluate themselves and improve accordingly.

How are trainers who conduct training sessions for AWS online courses?

Every training session is conducted by a highly experienced AWS trainer. Our faculty for AWS online training has years of industrial experience and have trained thousands of students over the years. They use their in-hand experience to teach students and help them understand every concept thoroughly. They share their industry knowledge with students to provide them with industry-like exposure and practice industry standards to help them master AWS. AWS trainers try to provide personal guidance to every student and help them prepare for the AWS certification exam.

Why should I do AWS online training from Brittsoft?

Brittsoft is among the leading institute for IT certification courses in USA. Our AWS online training program helps students to prepare and clear the AWS certification exam on the first attempt. The AWS training program helps students to develop new skills and provides the necessary exposure. We have highly-trained experts to teach and guide you throughout the journey of the AWS certification program. The course will provide in-depth knowledge of every basic to advanced concepts of the subject and help you practice the latest trends and techniques. We have sessions dedicated to theory, practical, mock tests, and real-time project scenarios, which help to prepare for the AWS certification exam. Our AWS certification program also helps you to stand out among others and provides skill validation to employers.


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