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Internet of things online training in USA

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Internet of things online training in USA

The Internet of Things (IoT) denotes the universe of digitally linked gadgets. These embedded devices have an internet connection, sensors, and other components that enable web-based communication and control. The Internet of Things turns ordinary objects “smarter” by allowing them to transmit data via the Internet and communicate with humans and other IoT-enabled gadgets. Internet connection, data processing, and analytics are brought into the world of physical items via the IoT. It allows users to engage with the global information system without using a keyboard and display. 

IoT has emerged as one of the essential innovations of the 21st century in recent years. Now that we can link everyday objects—kitchen appliances, automobiles, thermostats, etc.—to the Internet through embedded systems, the interaction between people, procedures, and objects is effortless. The Internet of Things is not limited to everyday household goods. Its effect is seen in several sectors.

The Internet of Things online training certification  is seen as the next major technological breakthrough after the Internet. It is expected to influence lives significantly and may result in the improvement of millions of lives around the globe.


Internet of Things Online Course USA

The IoT  online course at Brittsoft is designed by experts using the latest practices and trends. It offers hands-on experience with IoT architecture, framework, networking protocols, ecosystem, application layer protocol, Azure IoT hub, Raspberry Pi, and more. The course will offer real-life project scenarios and practical sessions to help you gain mastery in the desired field.

Eligibility Criteria for IOT Online Training Certification USA

Anyone interested in knowledge of the Internet of things can enroll in our IOT online training course. This course best suits software developers, technical architects, solution architects, business managers, executives, and other IT professionals who want to enhance their skill sets and work in the IoT field.

Prerequisites of IoT online training course

There are no such prerequisites for Internet of Things online training. Although basic knowledge of Linux, Python programming, and Azure will be beneficial throughout the course. The IoT course at Brittsoft is for everyone seeking fundamental to advanced knowledge of IoT.

Career Opportunities after learning Online Internet of Things course

The Internet of Things is one of the growing areas in the IT industry. From making payments through QR codes to keeping an eye on vitals using FitBit, and every other day-to-day thing, IoT is involved. It allows us to connect things and information to the Internet to make it accessible worldwide. With the increase in activities, career opportunities in this field are also rising. Here are a few job profiles you can apply for after IoT online training certification based on job requirements.

  • Data Analytics
  • Security Engineer
  • Network and Networking Structure
  • Embedded Program Engineer
  • Sensors & Actuator Professionals
  • Safety Engineer
  • IoT Platform Developer
  • Architect
  • CIoTO (Chief IoT Officer)

Why Should I Do the Internet of Things Training from Brittsoft?

Being among the top IT courses training center in the USA, Brittsoft aims to provide students with the best guidance and training. We aim to help students gain knowledge and experience at the same time. Our IoT online training course curriculum is designed by industry experts using the latest trends and practices of the industry. Our classes are conducted by trained experts who help to gain in-depth knowledge of fundamental and advanced concepts of the subject. Not just it, they use their industrial experiences to teach students and provide ample exposure to working methodology in the real world.


Our specially designed  IOT   online course curriculum provides industry-like experience and exposure and allows them to work on real-time project scenarios. It helps them to understand complex topics easily. It also provides insight into the industry’s latest trends, practices, and concepts. Our IoT training  online program has practical sessions, mock tests, and real-world project scenarios, which provide the best guidance and exposure to students with the help of expert trainers. Our course is designed to help students prepare for the IoT certification exam and provide them with specific skill sets to excel in this field.

Internet of things Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum


  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Web of Things (WoT)
  • IoT Devices
  • IoT Devices vs. Computers
  • IoT Example: The Refrigerator
  • Trends in the Adoption of IoT
  • IoT Is Powerful and Pervasive
  • Risks, Privacy, and Security




Smart Cities and Smart Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free demo class for the Internet of Things online course?

Yes, we offer free demo classes for IoT online training courses to provide a thorough inside of the course curriculum and detailed insight into the training program. Once you confirm your decision, we will send the required details regarding the demo session for the course.

Do you offer any practical classes for IoT training courses?

Our Internet of Things online training program is designed by experts to provide ample practical and industry-like experience to students throughout training. Our training sessions consist of live sessions, practical classes, group discussions, mock tests, and working on real-time project scenarios. Each session provides a unique benefit to candidates and in-depth knowledge of the subject. Our real-time project scenarios help them to work around the industry-like environment and face similar challenges. It allows them to gain experience that will be beneficial in the real world.

How are the trainers at Brittsoft for the IoT course online?

We have a few of the best trainers for IT courses at Brittsoft. Our IoT trainers are subject experts with years of industrial experience and have helped hundreds of students to gain knowledge of the subject. Their industrial experience benefits students as they get exposure to the working methodology of industry and learn from the trainer’s experiences. Trainers at Brittsoft provide personal guidance to each student throughout the course and help to prepare for certification exams and interviews. They help students to evaluate themselves to make them better in the field.

Why choose Brittsoft for the IoT course online?

Brittsoft is one of the leading institutes in the USA, offering a wide range of IT certification courses. Over the years, we have trained thousands of students in various fields and helped them to excel in their designated domains. Our IoT certification program offers a specific skill set fundamental to advanced knowledge of the IoT training online  and exposure to real-world working methodology. We have highly trained industry experts to help you understand A-Z while practicing the latest trends and concepts of the current industry. Our training sessions include practical classes, mock tests, and real-time project scenarios to help you gain in-depth knowledge of the subject and conduct self-evaluation to improvise yourself.

What is the Internet of Things online program?

In IoT online training program, you will gain hands-on experience solving real-time project scenarios. You will get lessons on programming sensors, Azure IoT hub, IoT Solutions, networking protocol, data analysis, business designing, and more. It will provide an understanding of IoT’s structure, architecture, and framework. The course includes modules on IoT networking protocols, sensors and actuators, program sensors, cloud, Azure IoT Hub, and more that will help you gain skills to excel as IoT professional.


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