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React JS online training in USA

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React JS Online Training Course USA

React JS is one of the recognized, valued, and demanding skills in the industry. It has increased the demand for certified professionals who can deliver a piece of expert knowledge in React JS. Brittsoft’s React JS online training course certification is to make candidates proficient in the domain and assist them to gain insight into various aspects of it. The program we offer covers basic and advanced concepts of React JS.

The React JS online certification training program will teach you to create React JS apps by mastering concepts like Redux, React Native, and React. You will learn to create simple components and then integrate them into a complex design. The program will teach you how to build apps using JSX, and Redux, gather data using GraphQL, use Jest to perform testing, and more.


React JS Online Training Course USA

Industry experts design our course curriculum with years of experience in React JS. Along with theoretical and practical knowledge, the ReactJS online course also gives insight into the latest trends and practices. Every online training session in ReactJS  is led by trained experts with industrial experience in React JS field. They aim to offer lessons based on experiences they encountered during their journey in the industry. It helps to provide exposure and experience. It allows students to understand the working methodology and concepts better. We also conduct practical training and real-time project scenarios that allow students to work on industry-like projects.

React JS Online Training Course Eligibility Criteria

There are no eligibility criteria to enroll for the Online ReactJS course. Any graduate can take React JS course online by Brittsoft. The React JS course is well suited for mobile developers who want to enhance their skill set and learn a single programming language to write cross-platform applications for mobile. Web developers can also take this course to build native applications using JavaScript.

Prerequisites of React JS Online Training Course Certification

There are a few prerequisites for React JS course online.

  • One should have a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ES6 features.
  • HTML, JSX & Babel, CS, Git, and CLI skills will also benefit during this course.
  • Individuals without prior experience or knowledge can also enroll in our React JS training program. We teach basic to advanced concepts with practical sessions that help students understand the subject.

Anyone interested in learning React JS without any prior knowledge of the concepts mentioned above can also enroll in our React JS Online Training Course.

Career Opportunities After Completing React JS Online Training Course

The demand for React JS has increased recently. Being a flexible and versatile platform, companies are hiring React JS professionals for various job roles. Here are a few job roles you can apply for after completing React course.

  • ReactJS Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • UI Developer

React JS Online Training Certificate

  • The React JS certificate from Brittsoft will help you stand out amongst your competitors during the interview.
  • The online certification course in ReactJS will help you get the knowledge of basics to advanced concepts, practices, and techniques.
  • The certificate by Brittsoft will help to validate your valuable skills to employers during an interview.
  • The advanced knowledge and industry-like experience you obtain during the training course can help you to start your small venture.
  • The React JS certification course online is designed by industrial experts providing a thorough knowledge of the latest trends, practices, and techniques.
  • The online React JS certification is one of the valued IT credentials that can open the door to many job opportunities and help increase salary.

Why do React JS Online Training Course from Brittsoft?

Brittsoft is one of the leading IT training centers in the USA. All training sessions in React JS course are expert-led and are well-experienced in their industry, and aim to provide the best guidance to students. Our online trainers use their industrial experience to teach complex topics and deliver exposure to the IT world during the training. Our trainers are focused to provide adequate training to each student to help them prepare a strategy and achieve goals.

We have practical training sessions, mock tests, and real-time project scenarios. Each of these is to give the extra benefit of the course. Each module is followed by mock tests, which help monitor your performance and learning progress. Every class here is conducted using real-time project scenarios, which helps to learn and build the project as per industry practices and principles while matching its standard. React JS online training in USA will also help you clear React JS certification exam. Our trainers support you with materials like sample papers and mock tests to clear the certification exam.

React js Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

ReactJS Course Content

  • Introductio to ReactJS




React with Node

Integration Modules from Others

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Trainers of React JS training at Brittsoft?

We have a few of the best trainers in the IT industry who have trained thousands of candidates. Trainers at Brittsoft have years of industrial experience, which helps to teach students and offer real-life experience. Their industrial experience benefits students to learn through industry-like examples and get exposure to the outer world while in training.

Is there any practical training or real-time project scenarios provided at Brittsoft?

We aim to teach students with practicality. We have real-time project scenarios and practical training included in our curriculum for the online ReactJS training course USA. The practical sessions we provide help students to grasp in-depth knowledge of working on the platform, and real-time project scenarios help to gain specific skills and experience in the field.

Are there free demo classes available for the React JS online training program?

Yes. We offer free demo classes for ReactJS training courses and other IT programs to give an insight into the program. Once you inform us that you are interested in a program, we will email the required details for a demo class.

Why should I do this React JS online course from Brittsoft?

ReactJS online training offered at Brittsoft will provide exposure, experience, and knowledge. Our online training program is designed by experts that include the latest techniques, concepts, and practices of the IT industry. The course will help to learn basic to advanced concepts of ReactJS training and provide an industry-like experience. We have trainers with years of industry experts who deliver exposure to the outer world and prepare students for how it works out there. Also, their experience is beneficial to understand industry practices.

Why should I learn React JS online training?

React JS allows developers to create web applications. It is one of the best skills to learn for developers who want to upgrade their skill set. React is SEO friendly, declarative, and simplifies the development process. This platform is used by many organizations, increasing the demand for React JS-certified professionals in the industry. It also gives a chance to earn higher than non-certified individuals.


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