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Informatica Online Training in USA

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Informatica Online Training in USA

Informatica is an ETL-architecture-based data integration tool. It offers data integration services and software to various enterprises, industries, and government agencies in the communications, health care, financial, and insurance sectors. Informatica can manage vast amounts of data. 


The Informatica application offers a comprehensive data management and integration system. Informatica is widely utilized by enterprises throughout the globe who wish to keep ahead of their data. A robust technology like Informatica has enormous potential whenever it involves data integration. In addition, Informatica is your entry point into the world of big data. Thus, some companies pay top-tier compensation to people with expertise in this technique. Let’s check some details about the Informatica Online Training from Brittsoft. 


Informatica Online Course Overview

Informatica online training in USA  is designed to help IT professionals and non-IT individuals to learn how Informatica Power Center helps scale high performance while developing data integration. The Informatica course offered by Brittsoft will help you master the subject and concepts that mainly covers Informatica Power Center tools, server, ETL tools, data warehousing, data integration, repository works, etc. You will also learn to test and monitor data processing using scalable, auditable, and automated approaches.


During this  Online Informatica certification course, you will master the following topics-

  • Informatica PowerCenter and architecture
  • Configuration and installation of Informatica
  • Monitoring and managing Informatica workflow
  • How to use PowerCenter for handling tasks and jobs
  • Informatics session parameters and workflow variables
  • ETL scenarios and functionalities
  • How to work with Informatica Admin Console
  • Tuning Informatica performance
  • Informatica XML and SQL transformation
  • How to manage the Informatica repository
  • Learn to recognize network and connections errors
  • Master Data integration and ETL concepts
  • How to create groups and users
  • Implementation of sessions and workflow for recovery

Eligibility Criteria for Informatica Online Training Program

Any IT professionals who want to enhance their skill set, stand out during interviews or accelerate their career can do this course. Any regular graduates can enroll in Informatica Online Training course offered by Brittsoft. The Informatica online course will help you to clear the Informatica PowerCenter Developer exam.

Prerequisites Informatica Online Training Certification

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in Informatica online course. Anyone with minimum or no knowledge of IT can enroll in the Informatic online training program Brittsoft to gain a new skill set. However, understanding SQL/PL SQL, UNIX Scripting, and commands is an added advantage during the course but is not mandatory.

Who should take Brittsoft’s Informatica Online Training course?

Informatica is a favored tool in the Data integration and ETL market. It opens up the door to various opportunities. Adding an Informatica certificate will help you grasp growth opportunities that will help in your career. Professionals who can benefit by enrolling under Informatica online training program offered by Brittsoft are-

  • Informatic PowerCenter Administrators
  • SQL and Database Developers
  • Software developers and analytic professionals
  • Mainframe Developers, project managers, and architect
  • Data Integration Developers
  • Informatica Administrators with experience in maintaining data quality
  • Professionals in the Enterprise Business Intelligence field
  • ETL/BI/DW professionals
  • ETL and Data warehousing professionals

Career Growth of Informatica Online Training Program

As an Informatica beginner, you will be hired as an ETL developer and later promoted to senior or lead developer. After a few years of experience, you can be promoted to the job role of Informatica Architect or Informatic Admin. Data warehouse or BI skills also provides an advantage and helps in the promotion to be data architect or ETL architect.

There are various job roles in the Informatica field, such as developer, architect, consultant, and analyst. Some of the famous Informatica job profiles are

  • Analyst
  • Informatica developer
  • MDM developer
  • Informatica Consultant
  • Informatica Administrator
  • Informatica Application Developer

Why choose Brittsoft for doing the Informatica Online Training Certification?

Brittsoft is one of the leading IT certification training institutes in the USA. We have trained industry experts to provide the best guidance and complete freedom to enrolled candidates to explore subjects and learn through real-time project scenarios. Our trainers work their best to provide the necessary help to students in the project and prepare for the interview questionnaire. Our certified trainers offer substantial practical and theoretical expert-level knowledge and the latest techniques regarding the subject.

Our Informatica online course curriculum is designed by experts while keeping up with industry standards. Our online training in Informatica offers in-depth knowledge of every topic in Informatica PowerCenter, from its architecture and environment to tools like repository manager, Informatica administrator, designer, and more. It will also provide hands-on knowledge about command-line tools in Informatica PowerCenter and exposure to real-time business intelligence project scenarios. 

Informatica Online Training Syllabus

Course Curriculum

Informatica Overview

  • History of Informatica
  • Opportunities of Informatica
  • Other ETL tools
  • Power center Administration
  • Informatica Power center architecture

Data warehouse basics

Informatica Power Center and Power center Administration

Repository Administration

Transformation Creation- Using the designer

XML sources and Monitoring loads

Workflow Manager

Workflow Tasks

Performance tuning in ETL

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

What will you learn in the Informatica Online Training program offered by Brittsoft?

Informatica Online Training USA will help you administer the efficiency of tools and enhance your skills. The program teaches everything about Informatic PowerCenter products, such as installation, data warehousing, and integration. It will also help you understand various development units to create simple mapping and teaches you to ETL scenarios and advanced transformation techniques while providing briefs about features like handling errors, debugging, and troubleshooting. This course will help you deal with every aspect of Informatica. Apart from this, Informatica online course will help you gain new skills and clear the Informatic Power  Center Developer exam to get certification in this field.

Why should I do Informatica Online Training from Brittsoft?

The reason to choose Brittsoft to proceed with Informatica online training program is that it is one of the leading IT course institutes in the US and provides certification. They have certified industry-trained experts to share knowledge with students. Experts design every course they offer by following industry standards and providing ample practical training to prepare students to deal with challenges in the real world. The courses provided here help to gain new skills and certification, which will be beneficial to get a high-paying job. They also focus on providing soft skills such as communication skills. Our sessions include:

  • Live classes.
  • Real-time project scenarios.
  • Practical classes offer in-depth knowledge about the topic.
Can we get a free Informatica Online Training demo session?

Yes, we offer free demo sessions for Informatica online training. Once you inform us you are interested in the course, we will email all details regarding the free demo session.

How is the faculty at Brittsoft?

Informatic online training Instructors are highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields. They use their industrial experience to provide the best guidance to students.

Will any practical training and real-life project scenarios are in the Informatica Online Training at Brittsoft?

Our course curriculum is designed by experts keeping in mind to provide practical training along with theoretical knowledge. The course offers the best understanding of the real-world through real-time project scenarios. We conduct practical sessions and mock tests to help students clarify concepts and test their knowledge.


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