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What are the top 10 apps built using Python? Games made with Python

Python, a versatile and popular programming language, has gained immense popularity. It offers a wide range of applications and has become a go-to choice for developers due to its simplicity and readability. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 apps built using Python and explore the fascinating world of games made with Python.

The top 10 apps built using Python covers a wide range of categories and demonstrate the versatility of the language. Here are some popular examples:


  • Description: Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos. Python is utilized extensively in Instagram’s backend infrastructure. It is used for tasks such as generating personalized user feeds, managing notifications, handling user interactions, and powering the search functionality.
  • Features: Instagram offers features like photo and video sharing, filters, stories, direct messaging, and exploring content through hashtags and user profiles. Python enables efficient data processing and analysis, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Python Usage: Python is used for tasks like data storage and retrieval, API development, machine learning for content recommendations, and managing large-scale databases.


  • Description: Spotify is a music streaming platform that offers a vast library of songs, podcasts, and personalized playlists. Python is used in various aspects of Spotify’s operations, including data analysis, recommendation systems, and backend services.
  • Features: Spotify offers features such as personalized music recommendations, curated playlists, collaborative playlists, and social sharing. Python enables the analysis of user listening patterns, generating recommendations, and efficiently handling the vast music library.
  • Python Usage: Python is used for tasks such as data processing, implementing machine learning algorithms for music recommendations, managing APIs, and backend development.


  • Description: Dropbox is a cloud storage and file-sharing platform that allows users to store and access their files from anywhere. Python is crucial in developing Dropbox’s server-side infrastructure, client applications, and automation tools.
  • Features: Dropbox offers features like file synchronization, sharing, collaboration, version control, and integration with other applications. Python helps manage file transfers, handles user authentication, and develops efficient storage and indexing systems.
  • Python Usage: Python is used for tasks such as server-side logic, file manipulation, web development, database integration, and building client applications.


  • Description: Pinterest is a visual discovery and social media platform that allows users to discover and save ideas through images and videos. Python is heavily utilized in various aspects of Pinterest, including image recognition, content discovery, and recommendation systems.
  • Features: Pinterest offers features such as personalized content recommendations, boards for organizing and saving ideas, visual search, and related content suggestions. Python powers image recognition algorithms, content recommendation systems, and data analysis.
  • Python Usage: Python is used for tasks such as image processing, machine learning for content analysis and recommendations, data analytics, and backend development.


  • Description: Reddit is a popular online community platform where users can engage in discussions, share content, and participate in forums known as subreddits. Python is extensively used in various aspects of Reddit, including user interactions, subreddit management, and content recommendation.
  • Features: Reddit offers features such as upvoting and downvoting posts/comments, subreddit creation, user moderation, and content recommendation based on user preferences. Python facilitates user interactions, data processing, and the implementation of community-driven features.
  • Python Usage: Python is used for tasks such as user authentication, data management, implementing voting systems, handling subreddit moderation, and recommendation system development.


  • Description: Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Netflix uses Python for tasks such as data analysis, content personalization, and backend services.
  • Features: Netflix offers features like personalized recommendations, multi-device streaming, user profiles, and offline viewing. Python enables the analysis of user preferences, generating personalized recommendations, and optimizing streaming performance.
  • Python Usage: Python is used for tasks such as data processing, machine learning for content recommendations, API development, backend services, and infrastructure management.


o Description: YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform where users can watch, upload, and share videos. Python is integral to YouTube’s backend infrastructure, handling various tasks such as video processing, content recommendation, and infrastructure management.

o Features: YouTube offers features like video playback, subscriptions, comments, recommendations, and content creator tools. Python powers the recommendation algorithms that suggest relevant videos to users based on their viewing history, likes, and subscriptions.

o Python Usage: Python is used for video processing tasks, such as transcoding, thumbnail generation, and video analysis. It also plays a significant role in building recommendation systems that utilize machine learning algorithms to personalize the user experience.

EVE Online:

o Description: EVE Online is a popular massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in a vast science fiction universe. Python is integrated into the modding framework of EVE Online, allowing players to create custom content, game modes, and scripts.

o Features: EVE Online features an open-ended gameplay experience with options for exploration, trade, combat, and player interaction. Python provides a scripting language within the game that enables players to extend and modify game mechanics, create new ships, and develop unique gameplay experiences.

o Python Usage: Python is used as a scripting language within the EVE Online game engine, allowing players to customize and create content. Python scripts can control in-game events and interactions and automate tasks within the game world.


o Description: BitTorrent is a widely-used peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol that allows users to distribute and download large files efficiently. Python is utilized to implement the BitTorrent protocol, including the client and tracker software development.

o Features: BitTorrent enables fast and decentralized file sharing by breaking down files into small pieces and distributing them among multiple users. Python plays a crucial role in developing the client and tracker software, managing connections, and coordinating file transfers.

o Python Usage: Python is used in the development of BitTorrent clients and tracker software, allowing users to connect to the BitTorrent network, download and upload files, and participate in the decentralized file-sharing process.

Battlefield 2:

· Description: Battlefield 2 is a popular first-person shooter video game. Python is integrated into the modding framework of Battlefield 2, enabling players to create custom content, game modes, and scripts.

· Features: Battlefield 2 offers multiplayer gameplay with various game modes, maps, and vehicles. Python allows players to develop mods and scripts that introduce new gameplay elements, modify existing mechanics, and create custom maps or game modes.

· Python Usage: Python is utilized as a scripting language within Battlefield 2’s modding framework, allowing players to extend and modify the game’s mechanics, create new weapons or vehicles, and develop custom game modes.

Games Made with Python

 Game 1: Snake

Description: Snake is a classic arcade game where players control a growing snake that moves around the screen, consuming food and avoiding collision with its tail. The objective is to eat as much food as possible and achieve the highest score.

  • Mechanics: The Snake moves in a grid-based environment and can change direction based on player input. When the Snake consumes food, it grows longer, increasing the challenge of maneuvering without colliding with itself.

Libraries/Frameworks: The Pygame library is commonly used to develop Snake and other 2D games in Python. Pygame provides functionalities for handling graphics, input events, and game logic, making it ideal for game development.

Game 2: Pygame Pong

Description: Pygame Pong is a recreation of the classic Pong game where two players control paddles on opposite sides of the screen, trying to hit a ball past each other. The goal is to score points by making the ball pass the opponent’s paddle.

  • Mechanics: Players control the paddles vertically and must move them up or down to intercept the ball and prevent it from reaching their side of the screen. The ball bounces off the paddles and the screen edges, increasing its speed as the game progresses.

Libraries/Frameworks: Pygame is used extensively in developing Pygame Pong. It provides the necessary tools for rendering graphics, handling user input, and implementing game physics.

Game 3: PyTetris

Description: PyTetris is a Python version of the popular puzzle game Tetris. Players manipulate falling tetrominoes (geometric shapes made of four squares) to create complete horizontal lines, which are then cleared, earning points.

  • Mechanics: Tetrominoes fall from the top of the screen, and players can move and rotate them to fit into gaps and create lines. When a line is completed, it disappears, and the remaining blocks shift down. The game ends when the blocks stack up to the top.

Libraries/Frameworks: Pygame is often used in PyTetris development, providing the necessary functionality for graphics rendering, user input handling, and game logic implementation.

Game 4: PyRogue

Description: PyRogue is a text-based roguelike game where players navigate a dungeon, battling monsters, collecting treasures, and attempting to reach the final level. Each playthrough offers a unique procedurally generated dungeon layout.

  • Mechanics: Players move through the dungeon grid, encountering enemies, traps, and items. The game features turn-based combat and permadeath, meaning that the game is over once the player character dies.

Libraries/Frameworks: Pygame or libraries such as libtcod (Terminal/Console-Style Open Development) can be used to develop PyRogue. These libraries provide functionalities for rendering ASCII characters, handling user input, and managing game states.

Game 5: PyChess

Description: PyChess is a chess game implemented in Python. It allows players to compete against an AI opponent or another human player in classic chess matches.

  • Mechanics: PyChess follows the rules of chess, with players taking turns moving their pieces on the board. The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king, putting it in a position where it is threatened and cannot escape capture.

Libraries/Frameworks: Python chess libraries, such as python-chess or, are commonly used to develop PyChess. These libraries provide chessboard representation, move generation, and game analysis functionalities.

Benefits and Limitations of Python for App and Game Development

A. Advantages of Python in terms of ease of use and readability: Python offers several advantages for app and game development due to its ease of use and readability:

  • Simplicity: Python has a clean and straightforward syntax, making it easy to learn and understand for both beginners and experienced developers. Its readability promotes code clarity and reduces the time required for development and maintenance.
  • Rapid Development: Python’s concise syntax and extensive library support enable developers to write code more quickly. It provides high-level data structures, built-in modules, and frameworks that simplify complex tasks, resulting in faster development cycles.
  • Developer-Friendly: Python emphasizes code readability and provides a supportive community. Developers can leverage existing code and libraries, making development faster and more efficient. The availability of comprehensive documentation and active community support further enhances the developer experience.

B. Support for various platforms and operating systems: Python offers excellent cross-platform compatibility, enabling app and game developers to target multiple platforms and operating systems:

  • Platform Independence: Python is an interpreted language that allows code written on one platform to run on multiple platforms with minimal modifications. This cross-platform compatibility reduces the effort required to develop and deploy applications on different operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Wide OS Support: Python is available and well-supported on various operating systems, making it versatile for app and game development. It can be used on desktops, servers, embedded systems, and mobile platforms through frameworks like Kivy or Pygame.

C. Python’s extensive libraries and frameworks for game development: Python offers a wide range of libraries and frameworks that simplify game development and provide essential functionalities:

  • Pygame: Pygame is a popular library specifically designed for game development in Python. It provides modules for graphics rendering, sound processing, input handling, and collision detection, making it suitable for developing 2D games.
  • Panda3D: Panda3D is a powerful 3D game engine that supports Python scripting. It offers realistic rendering, physics simulation, animation, and networking, enabling developers to create immersive 3D games.
  • Arcade: Arcade is a user-friendly Python development library focusing on 2D games. It provides an intuitive framework with built-in game mechanics, collision detection, sound Support, and sprite handling, making it ideal for beginners.

D. Limitations of Python in terms of performance and speed: While Python offers numerous advantages, it also has some limitations to consider for certain types of app and game development:

  • Performance: Python is an interpreted language, which can result in lower performance compared to compiled languages like C++ or C#. It can be a limitation for resource-intensive applications or games that require real-time rendering or complex simulations.
  • Speed: Due to Python’s interpreted nature, there may be better choices for developing high-performance games that require fast execution speeds, especially in demanding scenarios like real-time strategy games or graphics-intensive applications.
  • GIL Limitations: Python’s Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) can limit the execution of multiple threads simultaneously, affecting the performance in multi-threaded applications or games that heavily rely on parallel processing.

Despite these limitations, Python’s ease of use, readability, extensive libraries, and cross-platform compatibility make it a popular choice for many app and game developers. It’s important to assess the specific requirements of your project and consider trade-offs between development speed, performance, and scalability when choosing Python as the development language.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Python has proven its versatility and effectiveness in app and game development. We explored a diverse range of top 10 apps, including Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube, which heavily rely on Python for their backend infrastructure, data analysis, and recommendation systems. We also highlighted popular games like Snake, Pygame Pong, and PyTetris, showcasing Python’s role in creating engaging gaming experiences.

Python’s ease of use, readability, and extensive libraries make it an attractive choice for developers. Its cross-platform compatibility allows applications and games to be deployed on various operating systems. However, it is essential to consider Python’s limitations in terms of performance and speed for resource-intensive applications or real-time gaming scenarios.

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