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What are the skills required to become a successful Software Tester? Can we learn QA testing without computer knowledge?

Software testers are an integral part of the QA experts who plays an essential role throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. Their sole responsibility is to ensure that developed applications and software fulfill industry standards and purpose without any error or bugs to acquire the desired result. QA Online training center USA, Brittsoft offers software testing and quality assurance programs that help students learn and understand basic and advanced to grasp the fundamentals of software testing.

The Role Of A Software Tester

The primary role of a software tester is to perform continuous testing to identify bugs, errors, report, and eliminate interface and poor performance issues by performing multiple tests at various stages of the software development life cycle.  Some features that are included in software tests are performance, user performance, and functional scalability. When you undergo software testing online training USA at Brittsoft, they help you understand the primary responsibilities that include-

  • Collection and documentation of data obtained during automation testing and manual testing procedures
  • Test execution, result in analysis, and prepare reports on any irregularities and issues.
  • Performing analyses and reviewing specifications of the system
  • Performing tests in every stage of software development life cycle- Design, Develop, Test, Maintain, and Release
  • Report technical issues, bugs, and errors found identified during exploratory testing.
  • Teaming with the QA team and developers and organizing meetings
  • To assure the quality of the developed product.
  • Execution of regressing testing when changes happen in an existing product

Understanding Software Testing

Software testing is the testing phase of the Software Development Life Cycle. Before handing the final product to the customer, the product undergoes the testing phase to check if the software is up to industry standards, delivers all the requirements, and is error-free. The process includes software or system components using automated and manual tools to understand and assess the product properties. The reason for performing the testing phase during SDLC is to identify gaps, errors, or missing requirements. The software testing phase assures quality, product reliability, and client satisfaction. Software testing online training USA helps students learn and understand the software testing requirements and skills to be a successful software testers. 

Importance Of Software Testing

Software testing is a crucial phase of SDLC because it helps identify errors and bugs which can be fixed before delivering the software. A well-tested software ensures security, high performance, and reliability and is cost-effective and time-saving while assuring customer satisfaction. Testing software before the final stage of SDLC and delivering helps to identify bugs that could be dangerous and expensive. Not every bug, but some bugs can cause monetary loss and even human loss. Hence companies are looking for highly knowledgeable and skilled QA Tester who have undergone Quality Assurance online training USA.

Moreover, the history of IT development is full of examples-

  • The crashing of Bloomberg Terminal, London, affected 300000 traders in 2015 due to a software glitch.
  • Nissan recalled over 1mn cars from the market for issues in airbag-sensory detectors because of software failure.
  • Fighter plane F-35 was unable to detect targets due to a software bug.
  • Third-party retailers of Amazon saw a reduction in product prices due to software issues, facing heavy losses.

Benefits of Software Testing

After you undergo the Quality Assurance online training USA, you can offer the following benefits to your clients and their end customers:

Security- People are looking for a potential product that they can trust. The safety of any product is a sensitive matter. Software testing helps to remove the error, bugs, and other problems that may threaten the product’s security.

Customer Satisfaction- The primary purpose of any product is to deliver satisfaction to its users. UI/UX testing during SDLC assures the best user experience.

Cost Effectiveness- It is another benefit of software testing. Testing any application/software during the software development life cycle helps to save money. It costs less to fix the bug caught in the early stage of the development than after a launch.

Product quality- Testing the product before launch talks about the performance and quality of the product. It ensures that customers get a quality product.

How To Be A Software Tester?

Every day, a new software company is being launched in the market to provide competition to stand out from the rest. These companies likely hire well-versed individuals highly trained in Software testing and quality assurance. A software tester is a highly sought-after and lucrative job role. The primary requirement is the proper training and education to become a software tester. Get a relevant degree or Online QA course and certification USA, such as a Software testing and quality assurance course from Brittsoft. They offer basic and advanced QA course material and videos and deliver 100% job-oriented QA and software testing training online and offline to individuals and teams. 

Also, acquiring the right skills is necessary to thrive as a software tester in the IT industry. An ideal aspirant for this job role should have a keen observation of details with basic knowledge of programming languages, coding, and technical and non-technical skills. Online

Can We Learn QA Testing Without Computer Knowledge?

It is important to have a good grasp of technical skills before you start learning QA testing online. Understanding programming languages and knowledge of software development tools are essential. Understanding programming languages is crucial for enhancing abilities in automated testing. Software testers must be fluent in a widely used programming language to interact more effectively with the IT department. Additional automated testing includes code coverage, statement coverage, etc., all of which need in-depth programming expertise. 

From finding defects to ensuring that the final product is simple and user-friendly, QA testers have a wide variety of tasks that need a diversified skill set. From outstanding attention to detail to the capability to go deeply into the data to fixing bugs in the code, the candidate must possess a range of skills to ensure that the product is bug-free and running smoothly. 

Below here we list the essential technical and non-technical skills that can help you to be a highly-paid QA Tester. With an  Online QA course and certification USA, you can gradually develop all the necessary skills and establish yourself in this competitive industry.

Skills Required To Be A Successful Software Tester-

To become a successful software tester, having proper technical knowledge about the related process and products is needed. Here is the composed list of necessary skills-

Technical Skills

Database skills- With a substantial amount of databases to process and store in the background, having an elementary knowledge of databases is essential. It helps to keep data verified, checked, and stored in the backend. So, one must learn SQL database tables, commands, indices, and keys. With Software testing online training USA, one can also take database courses.

Programming Skills- A software tester must know a programming language to write test scripts. They must have good hands on at least one programming language. The commonly used languages are Python, C#, Java, and Ruby.

Testing Tool Skills- To step into the software testing world, hands-on knowledge of different software testing tools that many IT firms use to do non-functional and functional testing is necessary. Selenium, Kobiton, Robotium, and TestComplete are some common testing tools. QA online training center USA like Brittsoft offers Selenium online training with Java USA that helps to learn everything about software testing.

API Skills- API serves as a mediator between database and UI. They test API that plays a role in the communication layer during data exchange between software. Software testers send API calls using software that needs knowledge of SOAP and REST APIs.

Front-end Skills- The job requires to toil with web-based browsers and applications. Software testers must know front-end languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It helps to understand web locators and elements. With QA Online training center USA, you can also take a basic course in web programming languages at Brittsoft.

UNIX/Bash Commands- Knowing about operating UNIX/Bash commands is a plus point for software testers. It helps them to navigate between files. Also, they can work with the UNIX-based operating system as many application runs on it. UNIX commands allow the tester to pull and push code effortlessly from the GitHub repository.

Version Control System- To monitor, track, and collaborate with the team, maintaining a version control system is crucial. It helps to examine the changes, manage processes and maintain detailed reports. A software tester must know to work and access version control systems like SVN and Git.

Non-technical Skills

Communication Skills- Decent communication skills help software testers to write test scripts and create test reports that can be understood by everyone on the team. They must communicate with other team members and collaborate with another tester to analyze details to fulfill product requirements.

Analytical skills- Analytical skills are necessary for testers to break a complex piece into small pieces to write operative test scripts.

Time management- Any new product development always comes with a meeting deadline and release date. Time management skills help software tester to organize the development phase and deliver the project on time. They must show a great degree of time management skills to become successful in this line of career.


In the era of technology, the need for a software tester is on the rise, and software testing has become a mandatory process in the IT field. Service providers are looking for well-trained software testers to ensure the delivery of quality output. Investing your time to develop this skillset will guarantee a better career as a software tester. If you want to know about QA tester and move up a step in a career ladder, then Quality Assurance online training certification USA offered by Brittsoft will help you understand the testing tools and techniques required to achieve success in this enticing field.

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